How To Make Lattice Top Pie Crust
Step by step instructions for how to make beautiful lattice crust.

Use recipe for Basic Crust or Butter Crust

Roll out half of the dough to use for bottom crust and remaining half of the dough for the lattice crust top.

1. Line pie pan with dough rolled out for the bottom crust.

2. Fold excess dough under itself to make a thick edge of dough around the edge of the pan.

3. Add filling (in this case fresh peaches dotted with butter).

4. Use a pastry wheel to cut strips of dough for lattice top.

5. Begin arranging lattice strips over top of the filling.

6. Gently weave dough strips over and under each other. If a strip breaks then tuck that section under a whole strip (no one seems to notice these little mistakes when they are eating homemade pie....).

7. Trim the excess dough strips to be just long enough to cover the edge of the bottom crust.

8. Create a seal between the lattice strips and the bottom crust by dabbing ice water all the way around the edge of the bottom crust. Gently lift up the lattice strips as you work your way around the edge of the pie. Note- the dough does not need to be wet just dampened with the water.

9. Further seal the top lattice and bottom crusts by using a fork to create a decrotive edge. Trim off any extra dough around the edges to make a finished looking crust.

10. Brush lattice top with melted butter. Use your fingers or a pastry brush. Note - sprinkle some granulated sugar over the butter to create a rich brown crust color.

11. Place pie pan on a cookie sheet or other type of flat baking sheet to catch any juices that bubble over during baking. This will make cleanup easier and prevent the juice from burning on the inside of your oven which could add a smoky flavor to the pie.

12. Follow baking instructions. If the crust begins to brown too quickly during the baking process, place an edge protector on the pie midway through the bake time.

13. Remove your work of art when the crust has browned and the filling is bubbling up through the lattice top. Allow pie to cool for at least one hour before serving.