Pie Recipe - Tips & Tricks

The following are tips and tricks for making a perfect pie. If you are new to pie making be sure to review this page before you begin.

Tip: Keep the pie dough as cold as possible before baking it. The colder the dough the more flakey the crust will be.

Trick: Keep Crisco in the freezer until you are ready to use it. Crisco never completely freezes so it remains easy to work into the dry ingredients and it keeps the dough very cold.
-Courtesy Jessica Hassenplaugh

Trick: Roll pie dough out on a cold surface. Smooth, stone countertops are cooler than wooden, plastic or ceramic surfaces. Try using a marble or granite cutting board that can be refrigerated.- Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Trick: Roll out pie dough and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before lining the pie dish with it. - Courtesy Kim Minniti

Trick: Plunge your hands into ice water to keep them cold before working with pie dough.
- Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Tip: Quickly transfer rolled pie dough into the pie dish and handle it as little as possible. Over handled dough makes a tough, chewy crust.

Trick: Roll pie dough out on surfaces covered with plastic wrap. Cut the plastic wrap around the edge of the dough leaving about three inches on all sides. Pull the edges of the plastic wrap to gently lift and flip the dough into the pie dish. - Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Trick: Roll the pie dough up around the rolling pin, start with the side closest to you. Then unroll the dough into the pie dish, starting with the edge furthest away and rolling toward you. Please note- this technique is a little more challenging and may require some practice.
- Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Tip: Save time and plan ahead.

Trick: Double the recipe for pie dough and freeze half of the rolled out dough for quick pie assembly at a moment’s notice. -Courtesy of Mama C.

Trick: Buy stone fruits (peaches & apricots Etc.) several days before using them for pie fillings. Let the fruit ripen at room temperature and turn them often so no soft spots develop.
- Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Tip: Make pie making cleanup easier.

Trick: Cover entire work surface with plastic wrap. When finished with pie recipe assembly simply roll up the mess and throw it away.- Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Trick: When pulverizing cookies (such as gingersnaps or graham crackers) for crumb crust pie recipes, put the cookies in a plastic zip lock bag and roll a rolling pin over the bag as if you are rolling out pie dough. This yields a fine cookie dust and keeps cookie bits from flying all over your kitchen! - Pie Anxiety Test Kitchen

Do you have any handy tips and tricks for pie making? If so we invite you to send them to info@pieanxiety.com and we will share them with the Pie Anxiety community.