Featured Pie Maker - Kim Minniti, Huntington Beach, CA

Pie Maker Statistics

Pie Maker Since: 2 years of age

Learned By: Watching her mom, who taught her how to make pie crust and how to be comfortable following recipes.

Famous For: Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Pie to Make: Apple and Pumpkin

Favorite Pie to Eat: Apple Pie

Most Challenging Pie to Make: Lemon Meringue

Pie Maker Biography:

Kim is 100% "California Girl" as a surf instructor and lifelong Southern California resident. In addition to catching waves she loves cooking and traveling. Kim has ventured all over the globe visiting Costa Rica, Portugal, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and believes that the very best food is in Portugal. Her love for cooking and baking may have been born out of neccessity as she comes from a family of five and learned to "cook big" to satisfy the voracious appetites of her two brothers. Her first pie making memory involves pumpkin pie prep gone awry and pumpkin mixture dripping from the ceiling. Today her pumpkin pie mixture is well behaved and yields some of the yummiest pumpkin pie you've ever tasted!

Has Yet to Attempt : Blueberry Pie

"Go To" Ingredient(s): "Salt, just the right amount makes the difference."

Kim's Tips & Tricks for Successful Pie Making:

-Place pie dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes after rolling it out. This makes the dough easier to work with and will prevent tearing when placing it into the pie dish.