Featured Pie Maker - Jessica Hasenplaugh, Boston, MA

Pie Maker Statistics

Pie Maker Since: I was in my late teens.

Learned to Make Pie: From my mother.

Famous For: Definitely peach pie. It's my signature.

Favorite Pie to Make: I like baking any pie that is challenging.

Favorite Pie to Eat: A 3-way tie between custard, peach & pecan.

Has Yet to Attempt : Rhubarb

About Jessica:

"I've been around my mother's pie baking since I was born. I'm not sure when I became an active participant, but I started making them wholly on my own, when I was a teenager. My mother taught me how to make pie. She learned from my great-grandmother. She still uses her rolling pin. I've tried everything to get her to give it to me."

Special Recognition - Jessica has won 2 second place ribbons at the Orange County fair, both for double crust peach pies ( just like the one pictured here).

Jessica's Tips & Tricks for Successful Pie Making: (Regarding pie crust dough) "Crunch time is when the water goes in. Don't let it get warm, and don't overwork it. Expect to throw away a bunch of crusts before you get the hang of it. Don't get stressed when you mess up, just toss it and start over."  

Jessica's Favorite "Go To" Ingredient - "Corn starch! It's a great thickening agent, and it has less flavor than flour."