About Pie Anxiety.com

It all started back in 1997 when I found some exceptional blackberries at a local fruit stand in Irvine, California. Those blackberries came home with me and I was convinced that I could turn them into a delicious pie. Never having made a pie from scratch, I searched high and low for an “easy” recipe and found something similar to the Basic Crust Recipe featured on this site. Terrified I was going to mess something up and ruin those fantastic berries, I took my sweet time preparing my first pie. I think it must have taken about 4 hours to meticulously go through all of the steps, slowly and cautiously. Although I made half a dozen mistakes along the way, that pie turned out to be my very best. Frankly, I have never been able to replicate it. Chalk it up to beginners luck, I had become a pie maker.

In the years to follow I became the one to always bring pie to family gatherings and began to be known as “a pretty good little baker”. I started entering pie competitions in the Orange County Fair and started winning ribbons – even blue ones. Soon we had a new season at my house - pie season- which occurred several months preceding the fair each year. During pie season I would experiment with new piecrust recipes and pie fillings with the goal of turning out exceptional, award winning, pies.

Along the way I have made many friends who are excellent pie makers. We have competed with and against each other ( a true test of friendship) and have commiserated about overdone crusts, underdone fillings and weeping meringues. It is with the help of these friends that I have created Pie Anxiety.com to encourage first time pie enthusiasts and showcase the talents of fellow pie makers.

My hope for Pie Anxiety.com is that it will become a forum where pie makers can share their wisdom and a resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make pie.

Your opinions about this site as well as any tips, tricks or suggestions for great pie making are always welcome. Please feel free to Contact Me.